Basic strikes of United Arnis


Basic Strikes, thrust, butt  The 12 basic strikes are the foundation of every Arnis player,  thus it is worth knowing it by heart and mind.  This video will guide you through the 12 basic strikes of United Arnis.


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The 12 basic strikes of United Arnis are a combination of striking, thrusting and butting techniques.  


In today’s practice of Arnis, thrusting and butting techniques are introduced to the students on their intermediate or advance levels, however, for United Arnis, thrusting and butting are incorporated in the 12 basic strikes.  This exposes the students to the advantage of training and using it even at an early stage.

 The following are the 12 strikes: 

Strike 1 strike to the left temple area of the opponent

Strike 2 strike to the left knee area of the opponent

Strike 3 strike to the right temple area of the opponent

Strike 4 strike to the right knee area of the opponent.

Strike 5 strike to the left shoulder area of the opponent.

Strike 6 strike to the right shoulder area of the opponent

Strike 7 thrust or poke to the left chest

Strike 8 thrust or poke to the right chestStrike 9 butt to the left eye

Strike 10 butt to the right eye

Strike 11 center thrust

Strike 12 strike to the crown of the head 

The most important thing in practising the 12 strikes is to practice it continuously and repeatedly, being conscious of the target, stance, footwork and body movements.  Repeating the 12 basic strikes helps build retention, muscle memory and muscle conditioning.




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